Digital Sea Web Hosting offers reliable website hosting services, with 99.5% uptime guaranteed for your website. Our powerful servers, Multiple T3 connection, 24/7 server monitoring, and backups ensure maximum uptime for your site.

While most companies only offer 25-50 megabytes of web space for $24.95, our basic web hosting package at $24.95/mo offers a generous 300MB web space, and our higher accounts offer up to 1000MB (one gigabyte) of web space. Why pay more for less space?

Our web hosting packages are the best value you will find anywhere. Our accounts offer all of the features you need to establish your presence on the world wide web, including POP email, email aliases, Real Audio, Real Video, Perl/CGI, PHP3, database solutions such as mSQL and mySQL, secure server, telnet & FTP access, subdomains, and much more.

Not only do we guarantee 99.5% uptime for your website, but your satisfaction is also guaranteed. Our accounts come complete with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our services for any reason, we will fully refund your payment (setup fees excluded), no questions asked.


Place an order for web hosting services via our online secure order form! We accept Visa, Mastercard, and check orders, and your site will be online within 24 hours.

  • 300MB Web Space
  • 10 POP Email Accounts
  • 24 Hour FTP Access
  • Web-based Control Panel
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Full CGI Access
  • Real Audio & Video Support
  • PHP3, mSQL, and mySQL
  • No Minimum Contract
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    ...and much more

Webmaster Control Panel

The Webmaster Control Panel is a free feature with all web hosting accounts. The control panel allows you to set up email features, set file permissions, run tests on perl scripts, create password protected directories, and much more.

Frontpage 2000

Our web hosting accounts fully support the special features of Microsoft Frontpage 98 and 2000. These features include message boards, counters, web site search engines, and the ability to manage your site via Frontpage. The server extensions required to use Frontpage with your site can be installed at no additional charge.

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7/7/15 New Video Marketing Campaign Set Up For Next Quarter

Nowadays, every entrepreneur is making use of video marketing to increase their presence and exposure on the Internet, thus enhancing their profitability. However, if you are not yet convinced that this is the best way to go, below are some of the benefits that you will be missing out, which are making you lose the income.

1. Every person watches film clips. You can attest to this as well. They are utilized to collect information, entertainment, etc., for instance, data from youtube is that they receive over four billion reviews daily. Therefore, why should you not consider this option and promote your business products and services to many people who go to view clips online?
2. Video marketing will assist you in search engine optimization. According to statistics, youtube is among the most-used search engines after its mother firm Google. This implies that your web page will acquire good SEO thus boosting your ranking on the platform. Also, your film will be shared on other sites as well.
3. Sharing of recordings is easy. These days, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter have become part of people’s daily lives. With that, they allow you to distribution the video after few clicks thus advertising your products instantly. Talk about your clip going viral.
4. The cost of producing a video in not expensive. When you begin your business venture, it is usually difficult to compete with the more established brands in the field that is using traditional tools such as TV, print media, and others. To be able to counter this, start by making films, they are simple, less costly and can do a great job in promoting your business. Remember, Internet advertising will last for a long time unlike in the conventional form where the ad goes off the air once the payment is cut.
5. They permit real-time communication. With the production of videos in Calgary, you can be in constant interaction with your potential clients, and you are in a position to know what your customers like and don’t. From here, you can get direct feedback thus enabling you to improve your company’s products according to the comments you receive.
6. Purchasing things online is now easier- these days, you can buy anything you want via the Internet. Therefore, you can be able to sell your merchandise conveniently. If compared with other methods, you have actually to get in touch with the firm through phone so that you cab buy, however, with the World Wide Web, just a few clicks are required.
By now, the advantages outlined above will convince you to begin online video marketing if you have not started yet, then again, if you continue to waste time; you will lose out on the valuable income that this platform comes with. Apart from increased earnings, you will boost your company’s exposure on the web.